Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Using Analytics to Learn More About Your Web Customers

Adding web analytics to your site has many purposes:

- Track general visitors to the website

- Find how many people are viewing specific pages, such as product or contact pages

- Identifying where your customers are coming from

Watch this short video (Courtesy of
Web Marketing Today) to learn more about web analytics:

Here are some quick tips for using Analytics to track your web customer's habits:
  1. Load the Analytics code on the home page of your site, to track general web visitors.
  2. Additionally, add code to each page that your company would like to see visitors come to, such as a specific product page.
  3. Add code to your contact form, to track how many people are signing up for more information, vs. how many are leaving before offering their contact info.
  4. As the video stated, write down 2-3 goals before checking your stats, so you know exactly what type of information your are searching for.
  5. Check your stats at least once a week to detect trends and changes in web visits.
  6. Set goals based on your weekly or monthly stats (new customers, signups or purchases).
  7. Change the layout of your website often, to always keep your content fresh for visitors.
If you would like to have Web Analytics installed on your company's website, or receive training on how to use this powerful tool, contact Rockland Web Design at (845) 271-4488.

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